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An Executive Summary: Addressing Cyber Risk and Security Effectiveness in the Digital Age 

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Insights into the critical link between security effectiveness and operational and financial performance.

Digital transformation has captivated businesses with the promise of sales growth and cost savings. But migration to the cloud and increased automation introduce new, potentially greater security risks. Companies must now begin to prioritize security alongside growth and cost efficiencies to preserve brand reputation and financial performance.

Verodin has teamed with Cyberhedge bring you the prelude to the 2020 Security Effectiveness Report. Gain access to a summary of our findings, helping you understand the business impact of a potential cyber attack and reduce cyber risk. 

Download the Executive Summary and reserve your advance copy of the Verodin 2020 Security Effectiveness Report.

This report examines the questions you need to answer to understand how effective your security controls will be:

Are we at risk of a cyber security attack?

Is our investment really making us safer?

Are we at risk of being hacked?

What are the potential impacts of a data breach?

What is Security Validation?

Today, cybersecurity is based on assumptions, Verodin is mission-driven to help organizations remove assumptions and prove cybersecurity effectiveness with evidence-based data. Verodin’s Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) enables customers to continuously validate that their cybersecurity controls are fully protecting their business-critical assets.